at Ease

Emma McLaughlin is a trusted advisor to CEOs and C-suite leaders. They turn to her to guide sensitive decisions through complexity, challenge assumptions that impede execution, and reinforce their vision, values and voice. Emma partners with leaders and organizations on a range of strategic engagements, from executive coaching to board/team effectiveness workshops.

Her focus is clearing away what's untrue or excessive to uncover only the most relevant and actionable insight about you, your people, and your organization. This data is hard to quantify but essential to knowing you're making the right call.

“I've worked with experienced and highly recommended executive coaches over the course of my career, but Emma stands head and shoulders above the best. Her style is so natural that time with her never feels like work, but I come away from each session with a new frame of mind or insight about my professional and personal life. I've leaned on her through very challenging periods and to step up my game in between."
— CEO, Digital Marketing Conglomerate
C-Suite Advisory

As leaders, much happens outside our control. We inherit teams with entrenched people and festering dynamics, predating us by generations. We’re scrutinized by the public, our board, our employees. The sheer volume of information and opinions, and how we take it on, drains energy required for higher-level decisions. It also diverts our attention from pushing forward the few things that ensure your company not only survive today but take the space tomorrow.

Relief, certainty, and momentum is created when what's essential - and how to get there - is not only clear but feels achievable. 

Advisor E designs individual or team sessions that are targeted and time-bound. A typical engagement spans six months, using tools like stakeholder feedback to establish a baseline and track progress toward goals. Though it’s a rigorous process, the experience will feel intensely warm, relaxed, connected and real.  I strive to alleviate tensions while imparting skills to exponentially mature the level of leadership, delivering measurable shifts for leaders and those depending on them.

“ Emma has a keen understanding of how to get the very best out of me and the executive team. Her patience and sincere interest in our business is evident in every interaction. Passionate about driving us, her support has become integral to our team dynamic and organizational transformation.”
— North American Brand President, Leading Luxury Goods

A shared urgency among clients is how to influence and instill confidence, inside the office and outside with the Street and Board. The undermining factors are typically institutional and market misperceptions, fueled by the absence of a compelling platform. The truth is, if we don’t intentionally craft the story, it will get written and told when we are not around. The quickest way to land a lasting platform is through a narrative campaign, tied to a set of specific activities, that assures these stakeholders of who you are and what you stand for, what you’re doing / have done and where you’re headed. 

Over a period of months, Advisor E will co-create and execute a narrative campaign that speaks directly to your stakeholders. The campaign unfolds in three phases, from gathering data and sound-bytes about you to rolling out the activities that will establish and underscore your compelling platform. The result is the raising of your global profile through an authentic-yet-on-brand presence.  

“ A sharp thinker and engaging facilitator, Emma has the unique ability to navigate sensitive dialogues among a highly senior audience, whether it be large groups or one-on-one. Her insightful and caring approach enables and empowers people to make the tough, necessary decisions, as they work through many challenging issues ”